We’ve seen many times how fully decentralized exchanges are not so convenient and user-friendly, so our concept of “decentralization” is focused on fiat currencies, which - on Nexex - are decentralized compared to other platforms where you lose the property of your own money.

Nexex not only allows crypto-to-crypto conversion but also to trade fiat currencies.

People can use fiat currencies anytime to pay for goods and services, by using a card and a personal IBAN that we provide thanks to our partner Outbit.

In fact, Nexex is the first exchange in the world where customers can trade crypto with fiat without the need to deposit their fiat currencies on the exchange: when you open an account on Nexex, in the same moment you also open an Outbit euro account.

This way you transfer fiat currencies to your personal Outbit euro account, that will be automatically linked to your Nexex account. In short, you will see its euro account balance from your Nexex trading account and you will be able to use that balance to create trading orders on the Nexex exchange.
Also, together with this personal euro account, you can also have a card to spend your fiat currencies.

Tokens in the Nexex Exchange

The Nexex exchange will be launched within the end of October with the ETH/BTC pair.

New fiat and crypto pairs will be added right after. Some of the most important and innovative coins and tokens discovered and selected by the Nexex internal analyst team will also be added to the Nexex Exchange. You can also send a request if you want your coin/token listed.

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