50% of the collected trading fees will be burned.

After the first 3 months, Nexex will decide whether to keep the same burning level or whether to decrease it progressively.

Nexex will receive fees in NEX, fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. NEX coins will be burned straight-away, while revenues in other currencies will be used to buy NEX coins at market price. Once the NEX coins have been acquired they will be burned.


NEX will be the currency that users use to pay any fee within the Nexex exchange: trading fee, listing fee, other fees.

The Nexex trading fees will be the only fee that can be paid also in different currencies while giving up the fee discount reserved for those that use NEX coins.

Fees payment method
% Fees
NEX Coin
FIAT / BTC / ETH / Other Crypto

Any of those VIP Levels will be available until the minimum NEX coin amount is been kept inside the account.

Every day at 00:00 AM (GMT) Nexex will check the NEX balance of every user and the VIP level will be updated accordingly within 01:00 AM (GMT).

As an example:

  • A user that does not have any NEX coins will have trading fees equal to 0,30% Maker / 0,30% Taker.
  • A user that keeps a NEX coin balance bigger than 1.000€ equivalent and lower than 10.000€ equivalent (VIP Level 2) will have a trading fee of 0,10% Maker / 0,16% Taker.

If the tokens are held at all times in the account for 12 months the upper level will be achievable with half the requested coins.

For example, a VIP Level 3 that keeps 10.000€ or more in his account for 12 months will be able to achieve VIP Level 4 by having just 50.000€ in his account compared to the 100.000€ Level 4 requirement. Further bonuses for long-time holders may be added in the future.

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